As Americans continue to live longer and healthier lives, it is vital that we find innovative solutions to ensure we continue to prosper as we age. Currently, the conversation surrounding aging creates challenges to creating effective practices and policies. Aging is a dynamic process that fosters new skills and understanding that we can share with our communities.

Taking a Broad Look at Aging

With collaboration from teaching faculty across the campus, Georgetown University will launch the new master’s in Aging & Health program, fall 2018. The new program goes beyond geriatrics to the study of aging well in today’s society.

The program is training the next generation of leaders in the field of aging. Through interdisciplinary training in the theory, economics, policy and human experience of aging; we prepare individuals to construct a healthier understanding of aging, and build a more age-integrated society.

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Who should apply?

This degree is appropriate for recent college graduates in any major (humanities, basic and social sciences) who are interested in working with older adults as well as mid-career students who seek professional advancement or a shift in career track.

The expected time for completing the degree as a full-time student is 11 months. Part-time students may take longer (up to two years). Classes are offered in the late afternoon or evening, allowing part-time students to participate fully.


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