Program Overview

With shifting global demographics, it is imperative that we take action against ageism and develop creative new solutions to take on the unique challenges of an aging society. The Georgetown University M.S. Aging & Health Program prepares students to lead this industry and advocate for the rights and equality of elderly citizens.

Combat Ageism & Fight for Social Justice

As Americans continue to live longer and healthier lives, it is vital that we find innovative solutions to ensure prosperity and aging. Aging is a dynamic process that fosters new skills and understanding that we can share with our communities. Increasingly, the conversation focuses on creating effective practices and policies to support older adults, combat ageism and promote social justice.

Our interdisciplinary 30-credit program looks comprehensively at aging—a demographically inevitable process—and prepares students for emerging careers by shifting the conversation surrounding aging populations. Georgetown University’s new M.S. Aging & Health Program goes beyond geriatrics to the study of aging well in today’s society. We are training the next generation of leaders in the field of aging. Through multidisciplinary training, theory, economics, policy, and the human experience of aging; the Aging and Health program examines how society can construct a healthier understanding of aging and build a more age-integrated society.