Susan Stiles -Senior Director - Product Development and Strategy, National Council on Aging

 In my work over the last 20 years in the product design and digital media fields, I have learned that understanding the user perspective is my top priority. Adopting a design thinking approach is especially important for meeting the dynamic needs and challenges of older adults today, particularly in the arenas of healthy behaviors, economic security, and technology use. In my current work at the National Council on Aging, I create products that motivate people to map out their own personal pathways for aging well and to make meaningful changes in their lives. This type of work requires multidisciplinary knowledge of the topics relevant to older adults in addition to the broader sector trends that influence their daily lives. Empathy and creativity are also needed to build the products, systems, and services that will have both immediate and enduring impact. 

Susan Stiles, PhD
Senior Director - Product Development and Strategy, National Council on Aging

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