Degree Requirements

The Master of Science in Aging and Health program requires the completion of 30 credits with at least a “B” average (3.0 GPA) in order to graduate. 

The structure for the program comprises a 3-semester, 30-credit program of 10 core courses (22 credits) and 3-4 electives (8 credits) requiring advisor approval. In addition, a required Capstone / Internship project can be performed over the summer (3 credits).

Students will file proposals for their Capstone project or Internship assignment with the program directors by November 15. These proposals will outline their plan for their research or fieldwork, complete with deadlines and expectations for the final written product to be submitted to the program prior to graduation. The directors’ approval of the proposals will be required to move forward with the capstone project.

Comprehensive Exams, Proposal and/or Final Defenses

There are no comprehensive exams. However, the Capstone/Internship requires all students to produce a written report of 10 – 15 pages, describing their project or internship experience. Students must complete all the requirements including documentation from their mentor in order to graduate.

Curriculum and Required Courses

Please refer to the Curriculum section to see the required courses and electives, as well as sample course schedules and course descriptions.