A Closer Look at Creative Aging at DX

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Aging & Health Professor Gay Hanna was recently quoted in a Dance Exchange newsletter describing the benefits of creative aging.

This talk will feature guest artists from Dance Exchange, an internationally known contemporary dance organization founded in the 1970s by Liz Lerman, an early winner of a MacArthur Foundation Fellowship award.  Lerman was one of the first choreographers to utilize older dancers in creating dances of all kinds including intergenerational dancers.  Lerman has transitioned out of the organization which was no small feat – she is continuing on her own to make extraordinary community dance projects – while Dance Exchange flourishes under a new generation of artistic directors.  The city of Takoma, MD awarded Dance Exchange with a great to develop a creative aging program known as Dance On. This program was first aimed to be presented in affordable senior housing but with the pandemic has gone virtual and now has global participation.  We will have presentations from two accomplished dancers as well as educators, who will talk about Dance On and Dance Exchange, as well as get us moving!
Please email gph2@georgetown.edu (new window) for the Zoom link!

 Here are the Dance Exchange links-

https://www.danceexchange.org/ (Links to an external site.) (new window)

Here is a link to Amanda Newman’s bio: https://www.danceexchange.org/people/amanda-newman (Links to an external site.) (new window)

Here is a link to Judith Bauer’s bio: https://www.danceexchange.org/news-blog/dx-winter-institute-facilitators-2021   (new window)