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All of our events will be on Zoom. Please use the linked registration forms to receive the Zoom links.

Register for June 22nd Event, Vision 2025: A Game Changer

Join Dr. Saunders, Director of the M.S. Aging & Health program, on June 22nd from 10am-12:30pm EST for a virtual event with university faculty, academic administrators, and providers in the senior living and health services fields.  The 2.5 hours will include a keynote, two panels, a closing speaker, and breakout sessions.

Professor Gail Kohn, 19th Cafritz Award Winner

Congratulations to Professor Gail Kohn, winner of the 19th Annual Cafritz Award. Individual winners are honored for making a difference in DC Government and for outstanding public service.

NIH Health Professions Fair, July 20, 2021

Join us on July 20th, 4:30pm-6:00pm ET at the NIH Virtual Health Professions Fair 2021. Dr. Pamela A. Saunders, Director of the M.S. Aging & Health program will host the information session. There will be time for Q&A in the end.  Register here for the Zoom link.

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